Detalles de Evento

Entrepreneurship has never been easy, and when you are a foreigner even more complicated. There is a lot of unknown information in first place, or “fake” information been spread out by different channels and how to start with your business idea in a different country can be a complete challenge. For this reason we invite you to participate in this lecture » Starting (and surviving) my Startup in Chile” where I will guide you in a fun way with practical and legal aspects of entrepreneurship in Chile, interesting facts and steps that surely will serve you to organize your idea, bring structure to your project and finally start!

Who is this talk addressed to?
This activity is aimed at English-speakers entrepreneurs living in Chile of all ages, with business ideas or just starting a new business in Chile. What’s the main goal of this informative talk?
Pretend to be a guide to all foreign entrepreneurs in Chile. Tips will be given about the organization of ideas into real business, the implementation of the project self and finally how to achieve the establishment of the start-up in Chile. The idea is that the attendant will leave the conference room empowered, through administrative, statistical and legal information that he/she can actually turn into something concrete.

Which topics will be covered during this talk? -Why is Chile a positive country to start your own business?-What makes the difference between a foreign entrepreneur and a Chilean entrepreneur?-Why do foreign entrepreneurs fail in Chile?-Statistical information about economic trends in Chile-Types of Societies / trends for foreigners in Chile.- Characteristic of the most relevant types of societies nowadays.

Who teaches this seminar?
van de Grift : European – Chilean Lawyer and Creative entrepreneur. Work experience: Civil lawyer specialized in migration and Commercial law among others.Creation and support to Start-ups, legal analyst and Micro-credit adviser. Music Manager.